Weekend in Rome

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Travel should be passionate, exciting, and personally meaningful, and Daniele has an uncanny ability to organize and create experiences that embody those qualities. By considering his clients’ individuality, connecting with local businesses, and mixing people together who share the same interests, he’s infused a fresh element into the idea of group travel. The result is dynamic, fun, and best of all, hospitable in the truest sense of the word.

If you’re looking for an impersonal travel experience where you are straightjacketed into an itinerary, shuttered into hotels without any character, and served food that locals would laugh at, by all means, don’t contact Let’s Hearth for your next weekend escape or country tour.

But if you’re longing for an experience that values people as the most important aspect of travel, Let’s Hearth has the remedy. Eat good food, see something amazing, and make friends who understand that travel is more than checking off items on a top-ten list. And by the way, do ask Daniele about what Let’s Hearth means: you’ll get it, and you’ll see why it works both as a name and as a philosophy.

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