South Africa 23 August to 4 September: Cape region

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One word to summarize our trip, fantastic!!!

We had really high expectations but our trip was far better, a great way to celebrate our 10th anniversary

We made a wish-list of what we absolutely wanted to see and we saw all of it and much more:

The animals were top of the list: both at sea, wherewhales and seals are abundant as the pigeons in front of the Duomo in Milan. And the penguins that are so cute and on land. During a very successful and well organized safari: a  whole family of lions, a herd of elephants, mamma cheetah with 4 cubs, families of giraffes and rhinoceros , antelopes and zebras, monkeys, baboons and beautiful colorful birds (including many blue cranes that are the symbol of South Africa).

Robben island was our tribute to a great man and an incredible experience, as our tour guide was an ex political prisoner

The Southern Cross in the skies above Amakhala where the starsare still bright as I remember them when in Italy there were still places with no light poisoning.

The unexpected

Cape Town is charming and lively, there is lots to do, nice and trendy shops, great music in the street and in the clubs, poverty is impossible to miss but its citizens are proud and striving to improve

Wine and food a really good even for an Italian

View of themountainsand beaches are breathtaking but the water is cold brrrr!

The land is green, rich, and peaceful. The little towns are nicely kept.

In all the hotels, lodges, shops and restaurants people are kind and welcome the tourists.

There is a genuine respect and concern for the beautiful environment that South Africa has!

We reallyhope we will have the chance to go back again!





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