No-Trash Triangle Initiative

5 aprile alle ore 22:24

Sorting Mission Accomplished!

In a united effort staff from Murex Dive Resorts, Blue Bay Divers, Sea Souls Dive Resort and CoralEye finished sorting and experimental treatment of the 6 cubic meters of beach plastic today.

This was the amount washed ashore and collected in one month from only 100 m beach. First data analysis by Julia Giebel indicate that more than half of the volume is made up by single-use water bottles and cups. Many of these items were produced by major American and European companies, showing the globalization also of marine plastic pollution, of which governments and businesses alike should be more concerned.

We were also paid a special visit by influential figures in the fight against plastic who were in town for the Celebrate the Sea Festival, North Sulawesi. Marine scientist and educator @Sarah-Jo Lobwein from Sydney and documentarian Craig Leeson who made the film Plastic Oceans were especially inspirational, encouraging, and congratulated us on our work.

We’ll be in touch again with the results from our analysis




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