Tuesday 5th – Sunday 17th November: Madagascar

The fauna and flora of Madagascar are outstanding riches. They are considered by every scientist as being a nature sanctuary as well as the cradle of endemic species of the island. We’ll discover unique species in the world with nearly 7 types of baobabs, 19 000 plant species, and more than 100 000 different types of species of fauna. This exceptional originality is specifically due to its isolated location in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Come with us to discover part of the main island and try to get in touch with whale- sharks around Nosy Be area.

Our trip will be mostly a mix of trekking, sailing experience and local culture but we’ll have the opportunity to support also a good friend of us, Manina,  and her association

Max 8 people.

For any details send an e-mail or text on whatsapp. Prices can vary depending on the required service.

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